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Vietnam Visa & Airport Fast Track Service

Visa arrangement services include Visa Extension for additional stay in Vietnam for a period of 1 month or longer. 
We can also arrange for you to obtain a Visa Approval Letter from the Vietnamese authorities allowing you to get the visa to Vietnam upon your arrival to our international airports.
BenThanh Tourist is able to assist you in the most helpful and effective way of handling.
The visa on arrival will be stamped locally at the Immigration office on arrival international airports within Vietnam comprising Hanoi (Noi Bai), Ho Chi Minh City (Tan Son Nhat) and Danang – procedure is rather fast. 
Please send us your copy of passport and hereunder the information: 
Date of arrival and departure
Arrival airport : Hanoi (Noi Bai International airport) / Ho Chi Minh City (Tan Son Nhat International airport) / Da Nang (Da Nang International airport)
Purpose of your visit (Tourism or Business) 
Type of service (Get visa at a Vietnam Embassy / Consulate in your country or Visa on arrival)
Upon receiving the above information, we acknowledge by return email and then process visa approval letter within 3 working days.
1.1)  Fee for Vietnam visa on arrival : 
Cost per person
Normal* visa processing
10 pax up
1 – 2 pax
3 – 5 pax
6 – 9 pax
Single entry
1 month
3 months
Multiple entries
1 month
3 months
Less than 6 Months Single or Multiple Entries, on request (please contact us)
Visa on arrival 1 Year Multiple Entries – on request
*    Normal processing:   2 - 3 working days
**   Urgent process:        1 working day (24 hours)  +  surcharge $10
                                        ½ working day (8-12 hours) + surcharge $20
The table fee of visa approval letter fee is not applicable for these nationalities:     
India, China, South Africa, Korea, Mauritius, Sri Lanka. Iran; Iraq; Sri Lanka; Kenya; Turkey; Bangladesh; Korea(South); Tunisia; Tajikistan; Nepal; Ethiopia; Jordan; Pakistan; Kazakhstan; Lesotho; Kosovo; Syria; Togo; Burkina Faso; Comoros; Bosnia & Herzegovina; Uzbekistan; Saudi Arabia; Somalia; Uganda; Samoa; Nigeria; Lebanon; Yemen; Ecuador, Turkey, Bangladesh.  
Please contact us for good price on request. 
1.2)  Stamping fee for visa on arrival in Vietnam :
You need to settle directly the stamping fee in cash to the Authority at visa application counter.
 Visa Type
Stamping fee
 1 month single entry
25 USD
 1 month multiple entries
50 USD
 3 months single entry
25 USD
 3 months multiple entries
50 USD
 6 months multiple entries
95 USD
 1 year multiple entries
135 USD


  • Services implemented quickly, do not need to wait for and get line
  • Being met at the air bridge
  • Get visa stamp at landing visa counter without queuing
  • Being assisted and escorted through passport control counter
  • Executive car (if booked) will be parked up outside the arrivals terminal
  • Baggage porters available on request

  a) Normal airport pick-up service  (Contact us for the price)

  • After clients leave the plane and enter the Arrival Hall (Landing visa counter), our staff will show the welcome board to pick up the clients.
  • He will collect the clients' passport and 2 photo of 4 cm x 6 cm size
  • He will arrange the procedure for visa stamping inside the counter, the clients will wait outside.
  • After 10-15 minutes (for small group), he will finish and give back the client's passport with visa stamped already.
  • The clients will do the check-in procedure and take the luggages.

 b) Airport Fast Track Service  (Contact us for the price)

  • After clients leave the plane and enter the Arrival Hall (Landing visa counter), our staff will show the welcome board to pick up the clients.
  • He will collect the clients' passport and 2 photo of 4 cm x 6 cm size
  • He will arrange the procedure for visa stamping inside the counter, the clients will wait outside.
  • After 30-40 minutes (for big group), he will finish and give back the client's passport with visa stamped already.
  • The clients will be prioritized to get have entry stamping at the Customs and Immigration counter.
  • Our porters will wait outside to take your baggage, security check and give back to you.  


Citizens of
Days of Free Visa
United Kingdom
15 days – Valid until 30 Jun, 2017
15 days – Valid until 30 Jun, 2017
15 days – Valid until 30 Jun, 2017
15 days – Valid until 30 Jun, 2017
15 days – Valid until 30 Jun, 2017
15 days – Valid until 30 Jun, 2017
15 days
South Korea
15 days
15 days
15 days
15 days
15 days
15 days
30 days
30 days
30 days
30 days
30 days
30 days
21 days
14 days
14 days
International visitors travel to Phu Quoc island will be exempted for 30 days of Vietnam Visa.
Citizens of Cambodia, Thailand, Laos, Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, Philippines, Brunei and Myanmar can enter and exit Vietnam multiple times as they want with a free Visa for a specific of time.
Citizens of above countries can enter Vietnam for a specific of times without a Visa regardless any purposes. But citizens of South Korea, Japan, Russia, Denmark, Sweden, Finland, Norway, United Kingdom, Italy, Germany, Spain, Belarus and France want to enter into Vietnam under unilateral visa exemption in the next time have to wait at least 30 days from the last day exit Vietnam.
Please contact us for the newest information.
The followings are questions from customers all over the world asking for visa procedure which we collected and posted here for you for future reference. We continue to update more questions possible to make sure that you, (as travellers) coming to our country, will know exactly what to prepare prior to your trip.
1. Does Vietnam Travel visa start on entry or on date of approval? 
The effective date will be on entry date (date give in the approval letter) or simply the date you arrive Vietnam as the approval date may be many days in advance prior to your date of arrival. From the entry date, you can delay your arrival but no longer than the duration of your whole stay approved. You are not normally allowed to enter Vietnam before the date of entry.
2. Is validity of passport important? 
Very important as you cannot apply for a Vietnam visa if your passport is expired. However, for some cases, you still can plan yourself that by the date of passport expire, your Vietnam visa (traveling period) is expired as well then you can go back after finishing holiday in Vietnam to extend your passport.
3. How many pictures (photos) exactly do I need to bring and what size? 
01 picture (photo), size 4×6 cm (passport-size photo).
4. What exact procedure do I have to do at arrival airport? 
Hand in the approval letter (the one agency gave you in advance), your pictures and pay required visa stamp fee then your passport to be stamped for a valid visa then you exit the airport.
5. Do different passport holders have to pay different price? 
Same for all once you are in the list of countries which need Vietnam visa.
6. Visa Vietnam, necessary? 
Yes. Please review the list of visa exempt countries. If you are out of them, then of course, you need a Vietnam visa.
7. Queuing time for Vietnam visa at Embassies? 
This greatly depends on each Embassy but normally should be a week or more.
8. Vietnam ports of visa on arrival? 
Hanoi / Noi Bai airport Ho Chi Minh City (Saigon) / Tan Son Nhat airport and Danang airport.
9. What is visa application form? 
This is a form where you should input exactly what required for. The clearer and more exact information you provided, the less trouble you shall have, the less time you have to go back and forth. The form is here.
10. Do I need a visa for a week? 
Answer is definitely YES. Even if you just stay for one minute (!) whenever you exit to the entrance of airport then you must have a valid visa.
11. American Traveling to Vietnam can I get a tourist visa at the Vietnam airport? 
Yes you can for sure but you still need to arrange paperwork in advance (recommended). A tourist agency can help you with the paper called Letter of Approval then you get visa stamped at airport. This is different from Cambodia where you can have your visa stamped in more or less 30 mins without any advanced document.
12. Should we all need passport when go to Viet Nam? 
Of course yes. Without passport, you cannot enter Vietnam definitely.
13. Price of same day express visa to Vietnam? 
This is what we called ‘Urgent visa service’ which you will get within 24 hour working day. Price of this service is added express service fee in our price mentioned above.
14. Vietnam and how to get a visa on arrival and are they safe? 
It is very safe to get Vietnam the visa on arrival and it is fast, convenient as well nowadays. What you need is just contact us to help you to do it.
15. Can I extend visa Vietnam? 
Answer is yes. First check your previous visa then see about information and cost here to decide.
16. Can I get passport sized photos in Vietnam? 
Photo express service is available in the cities. If you forgot to bring with you to do visa procedure at airport then you can take on spot at the Immigration.
17. I will arrive Vietnam from Cambodia how to get tourist visa? 
You will get your visa upon arrival airports (Saigon / Tan Son Nhat or Hanoi / Noi Bai or Danang). Please note, you cannot get Vietnam visa if you do not arrive either of the airports specified above. Arrange your visa in advance.
18. Where to extend Vietnam visa in Ho Chi Minh city? 
Please contact us by email or call us (+84) (0) 919.998.217 for your request then we will send our service staff to collect your original passport to process the extension.
19. Forgot to get a visa for Vietnam? 
If you do not have it then you are not permitted to board the flight into Vietnam. In such urgency, please contact us immediately at number (+84) (0) 919.998.217.
20. Do you have to have a flight to get a Vietnamese visa? 
Normally NO but you should have your flight later on the same date of entry. If you fly earlier than the date you are approved to enter Vietnam then your visa does not valid – please remember this.
21. How many days to get a Vietnam visa? 
We do not know how much you do at the Embassies but with us, it is 3 to 4 working days. Urgent service is in 1 working day.
22. What does the letter mean in the Vietnam Visa? 
The Letter, in other word, is the Letter of Approval – a document issued by Vietnam Department of Immigration to certify that you are accepted to get Vietnam visa on arrival at airports (either Hanoi, Danang or Ho Chi Minh City). Without this letter, you can’t have visa and you will have to return to your original departure. Make sure you have this before flying. In case of emergency, please refer to our urgent service (+84) (0) 919.998.217
23. How many days should you wait to get your travel visa before travelling to Vietnam?
You should have it as early as possible when you fix your traveling or business plan to avoid emergency which costs you alot. However, you can do your visa one week prior to your travelling date.
24. Can I get into Vietnam for a visit with just my passport? 
It will depend greatly on what nationality you are. If you are in the exempted list then you do not need a visa then a valid passport is fine, no problem. In case of not, then you need a visa, of course.
25. If I have a working visa in Vietnam can I bring my family? 
You of course yes but with one condition your family member must have a valid visa too.
26. What happens Vietnam arrive without visa? 
You will not be able to board your flight. In case of luckiness, you are accepted by airlines to board but when you arrive at airports, they will send you back! Imagine this will be a big trouble and lost.
Thus, always remember to have a valid Vietnam visa in hand. These days, however, you even do not have to go to Embassy for it, you apply the visa on arrival but remember you NEED a prearranged document from travel agent in order to get it done on arrival. Without this letter, you will either have to pay a lot or go back your original destination.
27. Can you get a visa for Hanoi at airport? 
Yes, you can and for one letter of approval, you can enter either Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh City (Saigon) or Danang airport.
28. I already have a visa for entry into Vietnam on the 15th of October 2009 (I’m a US citizen). However I mistakenly booked a flight that arrives at 10 pm on the 14th. Will they still let me in? Since technically it would be valid two hours after I arrive? Could I get a visa upon arrival for those two hours? 
Basically this 2 hour ahead the actual entry date is no problem but there are maybe some officers (who on their duty when you arrive) would not accept. In this case, please do
a. Try to talk with him and persuade then it is ok or. 
b. If you applied visa on arrival with a company in Vietnam before then email them to ask them to leave Immigration a note that you would arrive 2 hours ahead of the actual entry date or.
c. Reapply a new one which does not cost you too much (US$ 25) within 2-3 working days so before 15 Oct., you will have a new visa.
29. Can I get Vietnam visa now and use next month? 
Yes and you can use it anytime depending on the date of your entry and you can have visa many months in advance. Remember your visa date of entry and the length of your visa.
30. Do I need a visa for Vietnam if I don’t leave the Immigration Area of the airport? 
No, you don’t but make sure you do not exit the Immigration area of the airport, just waiting some hours before connecting with your flight (connecting flight).
31. What if there are many other people I do not know on the approval letter? 
Don’t be alarmed if there are other people’s names on the letter (it is common for agents to make bulk applications and all applicants’ names are printed on the one letter) but do make sure that your surname, given names and required entry / exit dates are 100% correct. You will not be allowed to enter Vietnam before the entry date shown. The approval letter is valid at any of the three named airports but cannot be used at any land border crossing.
32. What happened with visa stamp fee at airport? 
You must pay in cash (no change given) in U.S. Dollar notes in good condition. 
33. Exempted Vietnam visa at Phu Quoc international airport? 
Yes, if your whole stay is less than 30 days and arrived from an international direct flight to Phu Quoc airport. However, you must meet the following requirements:
1. Your passport must be valid for 6 months since your arrival date;
2. You must have a round trip air ticket to and from Phu Quoc. The onward destination after Phu Quoc can be any other destination except Vietnam. Flights can be either direct to Phu Quoc or transiting through one Vietnam’s other i international airports with the final destination being Phu Quoc.
3. Your stay on the island must be less than 30 days.
In case you plan to visit other parts of Vietnam after Phu Quoc, you will require a Vietnam visa. And in this case, you may:
1. Obtain a Vietnam visa for your whole trip in Vietnam; or
2. Travel to Phu Quoc island with Vietnam visa exemption and then contact the Vietnam Immigration Officers there to obtain Vietnam visa.
34. Can I have a Ho Chi Minh city's international airport (Tan Son Nhat) ?
35. Can I have a Hanoi's international airport (Noi Bai) ?